Make your Own Handmade Wedding Invitation Card


Once you plan to accept the challenge of making your own wedding invitation card, be sure that you can allot time for it. I had several bride clients in the past that I encouraged them to go for DIY wedding invites. Some of them are concerned with the budget of paying for hundreds of wedding invitation card as they planned to invite hundreds. Some wanted to have their hands on their wedding and wanted to touch every aspect of it so they want DIY.

In the end, some came back to me and let me to the cards for them. Some came back for more tips and demonstrations on how they could do it or borrow my cuttlebug machine and templates to emboss their wedding invitation card. Others are successful and came back with words of thanks. The common denominator for all these brides is the realization that card making requires time. If you want it done with precision, neat and pretty then you have to give it time to make your own wedding invitation.

I have created several posts on my personal tips on how to make your wedding invitation card without giving up at the middle of the process. You can check it here.

These posts contains valuable tips in making your own wedding invitation card and wedding favor or giveaway. If you have clarifications on the steps written there, feel free to write down your concerns or comments. IMG00350-20111210-1250

I also wrote a post on dresses and gowns – tips in choosing it.

Note: I am not making wedding cards anymore. If you contact me for this reason, I will be referring you to some friends I know.


Wedding Ideas, Tips and More


Planning for a wedding could be overwhelming. Sometimes, it is the volume of ideas you are getting that overwhelms you rather than the lack of it. There are too many choices to choose from, so many available items online and in physical stores. Getting help from friends and relatives will not help, rather it will complicate the problem because each of them have their own personal ideas and picks.

Budget is a main factor to consider. With tight budget, do not make the mistake of settling for a cheaper option. You might find a cheaper but better option. Give it time; invest more effort. Check my personal tips in these posts listed below. I presented things I learned through years dealing with wedding related items/business. 100_1017

Your gown: what should it look like? Which is a perfect fit?

Invites, which embodies the first impression, how should you create it?

Other items such as flower girls’ baskets

Check other related posts – you will find the links in my profile

Feel free to ask when you think that I could assist you further.

Knitted Pouch plus embroidery


This item is what I found while I was window shopping around, looking for small and cheap items that could be used as wedding or party favor/giveaway. I found it at the Baguio City market. If you want to find the cheapest one, you need to go to the section where they are selling vegetables in bulk. This building has a second floor where you will find knitted products, blankets and ready to wear stuffs. You will find there people who are sewing uniforms and custom made outfit.

Tips: buy from a wholesaler there. Negotiate on the price. Usually, they will give the lowest when you buy more than ten. That is a very low minimum order quantity. After you purchased the knitted pouches, proceed to those people who sew and ask if they will embroider it for you. Negotiate on the price too. Five pesos and up is the prevailing price depending on the size, number of letters and design that you want them to do.

This could be a unique wedding favor that you can include in your list.

If you are good at knitting, then that is incredible – you do not need to buy!

Our Latest Collections

I am updating this post I made in July 25, 2012. I used to offer card making services and I believe that I made the dream of some brides a reality. I danced with their temper, whims and caprices. I smiled with them in the end. But then, I realized that I do not have the time anymore to make wedding invitation cards. Added to this is the fact that this type of work for me is not profitable. I am not good at calculating the cost. In most cases, I add a very minimal mark up after estimating the prices of the needed materials. In the end, I am at lost. It is good if I get a break even so my money for purchasing the materials could be recouped (but how about my time and the electricity consumption, and other allied costs? As I said, I am not good at this.

Thus, even if it is my passion to make cards and create small cute things that are worthwhile for a wedding or party giveaway, I opted to stop offering my services. Now, I feed my passion by posting help online on how brides can do it themselves and cut cost or where they could source thing out to cut their cost.

You can find idea-rich posts in my hubpages account
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New set of cards

As this post on wedding invitation cards was posted four years ago, the designs that you see here are not available anymore or it is available but in very limited copies – less than 10. So, you would not be able to make your wedding invitation card using it.

If you want to make your own wedding invitation card, check insights in my post here:

You do not really need to buy a cuttlebug to make the impressions. You may try to check on card makers offering their services online if they offer this service separately. The idea is to cut cost so that instead of paying for a whole card, you will simply pay for the embossing.

If you are planning to set up your own cardmaking business, it is best to start with simple but cheap tools. Buying a cuttlebug is highly recommended.

— end of updated post—

Old post:

We have new sets of designs.  Unfortunately, we have only 200 copies per design.  Grab it.  For sure, none of your friends/relatives have used this design yet.  Make your invite uniquely elegant.

Elegant Card, 3-fold with embossed print

3- fold insert with cardboard, embossed print, silver stamping on the card holder and on the front flap of the main card, customized to your motif

minimum order of 50 pieces at 130/piece.  Order 100 pieces and avail of discounted price of 100/piece.